Free a Victim, is an international non profit organization that was launched as a project in 2013 with the intention to raise awareness of sexual exploitation and human trafficking as well as to gather funds in order to help, educate, employ and free the victims of sexual exploitation.


Free a Victim has participated two projects launched in Cyprus:

  • The Transition home opened in the spring 2014 for the victims of sexual exploitation
  • Room of Hope (Day Care Center) opened in the autumn 2014 for the victims of human trafficking and their children.
  • Purpose for both two projects is offering holistic support for the victims of trafficking. We are closely co-operating with other local NGO, Wellspring Association.

International networks:

Free a Victim is a member of following networks:


Free a Victim focusing its activities on three different areas of victimization:

  • Helping&supporting women who are forcefully sold into prostitution
  • Restoring, supporting and raising awareness among porn addicts and sex buyers as well as helping the families suffering from these issues.
  • Awareness raising and education


TV-documentary Rose in Paradise shows a different view behind the scenes of the land of love and beauty -Cyprus. Are people only commodities to each other or is there something more in us?

A book, Ihmiskaupan kasvot (The Faces of Human Trafficking) was published in February 2015 by Uusi Tie. The book brings forth the close connections between human trafficking, prostitution and porn and lifts up the voices of the women who have been forced to sell themselves in brothels or in private apartments. The book also opens a door to the world of sex buyers and pimps.

Furthermore, we have been speaking in TV, radio, schools, churches as well as in anti-trafficking occasions about human trafficking and its side effects.


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