What is the most precious thing you have?



The phenomenon of older rich men paying younger girls for their company is more popular than you believe. Or you would like to believe. This is not happening just among very poor girls from vulnerable backgrounds. This can be a choice made by girls studying in top-class universities in Western societies.

BBC (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05zg99t) has recently reported about the growing trend in UK. So called sugar daddies can pay huge amounts of money for having a younger girls as a company based on special arrangements. Even though one official web site arranging this kind of relationships claims having sex is not essentially part of the relationship, sugar daddies and babies tell another story. Having sex is usually implicitly expected and often straightly expressed.

Both men and girls describe how they can benefit from this kind of arrangement. Men get no-strings-attached leisure time with young pretty girls. In return, girls get luxury accessories, dinners and holidays as well as tuitions and bills covered. Or maybe they get the comfort of having like a dad figure around. Is this the whole truth of the story?

It is not easy to tell you are a part of this with your real name. It is not easy to have a normal romantic relationship at the same time. It is easy to start feeling compulsion and addiction.

Some of sugar daddies and babies see it as the status quo in business. As long as you keep your mind and heart cool, you can handle the game. Make most of it. But as soon as you let something humane and vulnerable pop out, you do not handle the game anymore. The game plays you.

We can blame the university tuitions that are getting higher all the time. We can blame expensive rents and living costs. We can blame the jobs offering under-the-minimum wages. Hunger for luxury is understandable. They are a part of the reason. However, the real roots go deeper.

Not every precious thing is meant to be for sale. We waste when we do not understand the price. We steal when we believe we are just buying. What is the real value of human heart?

What is the most precious thing you have?

Sanna Korpela, Psychologist


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