Trafficking of women for sexual exploitation

This prevalent form of trafficking affects every region in the world, either as a source, transit or destination country. Women and children from developing countries, and from vulnerable parts of society in developed countries, are lured by promises of decent employment into leaving their homes and travelling to what they consider will be a better life. Victims are often provided with false travel documents and an organized network is used to transport them to the destination country, where they find themselves forced into sexual slavery and held in inhumane conditions and constant fear.

Slavery occurs when one person completely controls another person, using violence or the threat of violence to maintain that control, exploits them economically and they cannot walk away. At the moment the most common form of trafficking is trafficking in women for sexual exploitation. 70 % victims of sexual exploitation suffers same kind of post-traumatic stress reaction as people who has been victim of systematic torture.

After drug dealing, trafficking of humans is tied with arms dealing as the second-largest criminal industry in the world. Estimated amount for that is 32 billion dollar a year. At the moment there is over 27 million victims and new victims come every 15 second. UNICEF has estimated that every minute 2 children has been selling for sexual abuse, and that  that in one year 1,2 million children has been sold for human trafficking.