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Not only the women and girls that are sold to the sex industry are the victims of sexual exploitation in the context of human trafficking. But also the consumers are victims. There are both men and women who consume and buy porn and sex developing a severe addiction which destroys families and marriages. Therefore, our work focuses also on helping these men and women.

Not everyone is aware of the fact that both porn and prostitution are forms of sex industry which sustain human trafficking. In fact, the link between these three issues is so close that it is hard to tell the difference. Watching porn or having an experience of buying sex creates a desire to keep on consuming porn and provokes one to act according to what he or she has seen.

It has become so common to consume porn and buy sex that an NGO called Prostitution Research and Education had difficulties in finding interviewees to their study (2011) who had not bought sex in a form or another. Melissa Farley, theconductor of the study, points out that they had to give up the sample of 100 people due to the fact that consuming porn, phone sex, lap dance, among other services, have pervaded the society so largely. Eventually, the study group had to define ‘non-consumers’ as men who had not visited strip clubs more than twice during the past year or who had not watched porn more than once during the past month. This is why Family work is so important

According to Adolescent Health magazine, a long-term exposure to porn will lead into the following issues, among other things:

– exaggerated view of the role of sexual activity in society

– distroyed trust whitin a sexual relationship

– no hope of a committed sexual relationship or monogamy

– a belief that immorality is a natural state

– cynicism towards love and the emotional band between sex partners

– a belief that marriage is sexually dissatisfactory

– the lack of commitment among family life and child up-bringing

Statistics made by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers showed also the link between divorces and porn consumption and buying sex.

– in 68 % of divorces the other partner had found a new love through internet

– in 56 % of divorces the other partner was addicted to internet porn

– in 47 % of divorces the other partner used a massive amount of time at the


– in 33 % of divorces the other partner used a massive amount of time in different

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