• Raising awareness
  • Visiting schools
  • Creating Educational materials

According to recent statistics made in Germany, one of the main groups consuming internet porn is 11-17 year old young people. When the current generation which massively consumes porn will be at the age of being able to build solid relationships, commit oneself, get married and start a family, there will surely be problems.

As a consequence of watching porn young people start their sex lives considerably much earlier than the average. They might start considering unusual or dangerous forms of sex, like sadomasochism or group sex, as normal and adopt the illusion that the emotional connection and affection between partners are irrelevant.

Porn consumption exposes young people also to sexual obsessions and addictions, as well as to the matter that women are considered as objects. In her book Pornland, Gain Dines points out that internet porn, as well as porn magazines, have made women a perfect object for men. These media feed ideas into the thoughts of men and boys that women should look like porn stars, women should always be usable and after using a woman she can be put aside waiting for the next time. Continuous porn consumption exposes young people also to buy live sex. One desires to experience in practice what has been seen on a screen.